Xiaotun Industrial Area
Huaiyin District, Jinan


Enterprise Mission: Lead the Hollow Glass Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Gradually Realize Globalization Strategy
Enterprise Goal: Be the Best Glass Equipment Manufacturer of the World!
Enterprise Beacon: Make Constant Innovation, Attentively Conquer Cutting-edge Technologies of the Industry, Improve the Overall Level of the Industry
Enterprise Responsibility: Make Mature High-end Hollow Glass Equipment of China Walk to the World and Win Approval of Foreign Customers
Enterprise Policy: Build Enterprise Culture, Conquer Cutting-edge Technologies, Enhance Cooperative Awareness, Improve Win-win Philosophy
Eight Management Principles
1. Take customers as the focus of attention

The company depends on customers, so that we should understand the present and future demands of customers, meet the demands of customers and strive to surpass the expectation of customers.
2. Leading role
The leaders determine the unified tenet and direction of the enterprise, so that they should create and maintain the internal environment in which the staff can fully participate in the realization of company goal.
3. Total employee involvement
Employees of all levels are the base of the company, so that only through their full involvement can their talent brings benefits to the company.
4. Process approach
Manage activities and related resources as the process, so that expected result can be obtained more efficiently. 
5. System approach of management
Recognize, understand and manage correlative processes as a system, which helps the company in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of goal realization.
6. Continual improvement
The continual improvement of the overall performance should be the permanent goal of the company.
7. Reality-based decision method
8. Reciprocal relation with the supplier

The company and the supplier depend on each other, so that reciprocal relation can enhance the ability of the two parties in creating value.