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Weili Machine had developed and manufactured the most advanced insulating glass production successfully.

Writer:市场部Number of visits: Date:2016-07-29 11:25

In view of the absence in domestic market,through market investigation,technique renewal,Weili Machine developed high-end production line used for LOW-E insulating glass with the efforts of Market Department,Technique Department,and Research and Development Department.
According to LOW-E glass’s performance and characteristics,this line is made of excellent international raw material with high-end design.The brushes is made of Dupont silk imported from German,the first pair can recognise and avoid automatically.Press section can open automatically for maintainance,it has remote monitoring programme,auto mistake display,etc.(more question,contact the Sales Department,please),which fundamentally solved the problem that domestic production line cannot produce LOW-E insulating glass.
So far Weili Machine has manufactured a large quantity of LOW-E insulating glass production line successfully,some customers have been used in large scale,use effect beyond expectation.A customer in Huizhou is processing LOW-E insulating glass for an airport project in large scale.Tested by technique department,Weili’s machine can meet the request in technology and inspection.