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The problems and solutions of WEILI Automatic Sealing Line

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Ⅰ. No sealant when sealing
1. Check the main air supply: 0.6-0.8Mpa
2. Check touch screen“other editing functions: allow sealing”open or not
3. Check pneumatic switch is blocked or not
4. Check switching valve & solenoid valve of Black&White glue are normal or not
5. The pressure of Black or White glue doesn’t reach Min value.
6. Check the hydraulic station has pressure or not. If no pressure: 1.clean spill valve,2.check proportional controller is power on or not.
7. Manually check the scanner value is normal or not
8. The magnet switch of slice cylinder& slice moving cylinder didn’t work
Ⅱ. Mixed glue is uneven
1. Check pressure of White &Black glue is balanced or not.the White glue pump pressure is about 0.4Mpa,Black sealant pump is ≥0.6Mpa
2. Check the rate of proportional pump is about 1:10 or not
3. Check mixing device is clean or not, and the installation is right or not
4. Check the pneumatic switching valve &solenoid valve of Black glue are normal or not
5. Check the pneumatic switch of White&Black glue are blocked or not
6. The connecting base of mixing device is blocked or not; if block,please clean
Ⅲ. When gluing, pressure gauge of Black&White glue do not show number.
1. Check air pressure
2. White glue pump or Black glue pump has air, open the vent valve on the pressure plate and exhaust air till it discharges glue
3. The glue has been used in the barrel and change new one
4. The valve port on the White glue pump or Black glue pump is not close fully, pls take apart and clean
5. Check White glue pump or Black glue pump work or not. If it has no pressure when working, check if the glue access has been blocked or not.
Ⅳ. Transducer alarming: OLF motor overload.
Ⅴ. If the power is off suddenly, how to do?

If the power is off suddenly, make“Auto”to“Manual”, and change“glue discharge”to “glue clean”. Then turn off the power of machine, to avoid accident happen when power on again.
Press the red button of solenoid valve that control White&Black valve, then press red button of upward solenoid valve of White glue air cylinder, until no action on cylinder upward, then press red button of cylinder downward valve. Repeat above steps. Then glue will flow out from glue nozzle, glue clean is finished until White glue flow out. Clean out the extra glue of glue nozzle. Waiting for power on, now the machine is in normal condition.
Ⅵ. Requirements
1. Operate this machine by specialist or person with computer skills, non-operator shall not optionally change parameter
2. Adopt famous brand two-component glue
Ⅶ. Remarks
1. Keep all the surface of photoelectric sensor clean
2. Keep scanner and glue nozzle clean
3. Input glass thickness correctly
4. Max glass size is 2000*2500mm/2500x3000mm, min size is 580*300mm
5. When you can not solve the problem, pls call +86 0531-85718379

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