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Opportunities and challenge coexist,the persistence of the time and patience-remember 9th,Dec,2015 to 9th,Dec,2015 ZAK door window glass exhibition in mumbai, India

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On December 9th,2015- December 9th,2015 the end of India international glass industry exhibition.The only as exhibitors took part in this exhibition, to examine the Indian market, with friends and the partner to communication.

Our group photo at ZAK door and window show

As the line with the market situation in the world,more and more manufacturers are selling market abroad,India market become a place of many manufacturers.including doors and windows products and aluminum manufacturers,The exhibitors in China for nearly of the exhibition.so India exhibition founder Mr ZAK made specially feast for the Chinese exhibitions.it is enough to show china doors and windows glass industry recognition of the Indian market.

Gap of India India’s development needs the join of door window glass industry.

the exhibition ZAK founder of the speech

India door window glass exhibition founder Mr ZAK
The exhibition is so busy

A old friend of visit our company in 2013

In may 2015,China beijing glass exhibition old friends

Just now,the development of India behind of the China,city construction road traffic travel tools talent education,environmental and so on need to continue improve and develop.At the same time it also shows that great potential of the India market,The development have more opportunities,And need to accept the challenge.

India beech ‘LIGHT OF HOOP’

India seabird spread your wings and fly

Many manufacturers are optimistic about the evolving,large population,the newborn country,huge market potential.so the opportunity and challenge coexist.time and patience always to do it. The beauty of the India “LIGHT OF HOPE ’’SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY’ We send you the best wishes,unity is strength,contributing to the development of the friendly countries we positive contribution to the door and window glass industry.


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