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A gentle breeze,warm sunshine the erath congratulations to jinan power machine co,LTD.In March 9-12,2016,Turkey international glass doors and windows show to celebrate!

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The soft breeze,warm sunshine the erath Jinan power machine co,LTD.Is a line of three person ,On March7,2016 in Guo Qingbo under the leadership of general manager for an to Istanbul,Turkey-in March9,2016-12,Turkey international exhibition glass doors and windows.
In order to better assist the Turkey Ibrahim hosgel Mr Booth structures work,we arrived in Istanbul 2 days before the start of the exhibition.Just off the plane,Ibrahim Mr Hosgel warmly shook hands with us to embrace,git in after ,he carefully and excitedly said:’Do you want to see the exhibition hall?’so under the guidance of Mr Hosgel Ibrahim,we went the exhibition.Into the house,the exhibition hall work is tense and orderly.Mr Hosgel Ibrahim let ours to no.1127.under the Mr Hosgel Ibrahim’s helping our work is ready to do.see the power of WILI,Mr Guo total to Inbrahim hosgel held out a thumb,and pay for the exhibition express heartfelt thanks to hard work.

The photo is warm gentleman Ibrahim hosgel airport pick up

On march 9 the exhibition officially started!Customers in an endless.Whether our domestic salesman or Ibrahim hosgel the staff of the company,every one work hard,hospitality,shows the good side to the customer,on the domestic exhibition experience,coupled with the TurKish show full preparations,in 3 days and our customers formally signed the contract of sale ,At the same time and several other customer agreement after the exhibition tour visit factory,specific what kind of equipment procurement,plant how to decorate,Other details requirements for equipment such as discussed in detail.this is a hard work to everybody affirmation,also let us find the confidence in the competition in the Turkis market,At the same time let’s do a good job in Turkey in the future market is full of hope!

The photo is the details about discussed equipment

the picture shows onsite sign contract

the photo is visit customers factory after the exhibition ending

On March9,2016-12,a four days Turkey international glass doors and windows show a happy ending.To participate in the exhibition,harvest quite abundant,We sign contract directly in the exhibition not only,but also Turkey for our local peer communication discuss equipment technology provides a good opportunity,what is more important for the better development of Turkey market laid a solid foundation,market development a long way to go,just as the exhibition together the meeting summary of exhibition just let everybody,especially our customers cognition,and the real work and battlefield is at the end of the show,How to follow up the customer,how to communicate better with customers,and how to tum information into actual sales contract,this is all staff need to think and perform work next!’
Good let;s celebrate the tour of Turkey,we will see you next time!See you again,beautiful Turkey!

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