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Common fault analysis of DJT04 Butyl Extruder Machine

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Common fault



Unnormal warming


Inspect and replace
Inspact and replace

Can’t heating


Check the condition of heating button(auto, manual,inactive). If it is automatic,check whether the heating timing is wrong or not

Unnormal glue extruding

If temperature and pressure are normal, maybe because:
1.reversing valve of butyle-cylinder doesn’t work
2.glue extruding system is blocked
3.the position of switch shaft is wrong
4.the distance between glue nozzle is improper


Repair or replace

Clear away rubbish

Check gas path to make it work
Adjust to suitable position

Glue cylinder doesn’t go or out

If pressure is normal, maybe because:
1.solenoid valve is stuck
2.oil cylinder inside leaking


Maintain or replace

Unnormal system pressure

1.low air pressure
2.mechamical valve that on both sides of booster pump is stuck

Check air suply
Check and replace

Booster pump still work after oil cylinder is in place

1.oil shortage
2.oil cylinder inside leaking


Touch screen doesn’t work

1.DC power supply
2.fuse wire

Check and replace
Check and replace


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