Xiaotun Industrial Area
Huaiyin District, Jinan

  • Product name: LWJ01 Automatic Bar Bending Machine
  • Product model: LWJ01
  • Product Numbers: a042
  • Views : 207

Features and functions
1. The whole machine is controlled by Siemens PLC. The Man-machine contact screen is Taiwan Easyview brand. The whole machine features easy and quick operation.
2. It adopts Taiwan Airtac pneumatic components. The movements of the machine are precise and reliable.
3. It adopts the Japan FUJI servo motor system to feed and bend the aluminium bar. The efficiency and bending precision are high.
4. The machine is eauipped with four storage area and can store four different sizes of aluminium bar.
5. When bending and cutting, the machine will automatically avoid the connection parts of the aluminium bar and the circle arc parts. After bending, the machine will cut the bar automatically.
6. It can be operated manully so it is easy to debug and maintain the machine.
7. The machine can produce 32 different shapes of aluminium bar, including the triangular, rectangle, positive pentagon, circle arc with a straight line. 
Technical Parameters

Power supply

3P 380V/1P+N  200V 50Hz 4KW

Total power


Air pressure


Min spacer frame size


Max spacer frame size


Spacer width range


Overall dimension


Production tolerances 




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