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  • Product name: ST05 Sealant-spreading Machine
  • Product model:
  • Product Numbers: a035
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Main feature:
1. The wholly pneumatic machine’s main parts (including A and B component glue pump, gelatinize gun and safety valve) are imported, or made of high-tension and quality stainless steel with thermal treatment, the reliability and durability of the machine is greatly improved.
2. The machine’s curing agent system is fully closed, which can prevent the agent from exposing to air and getting solidified.
3. The fluid flow rate stability is ensured and mixing effect improved. The system is also equipped with a pipes overload protection device, which makes it to be more safety for operation.
4. The A and B component glue pump and proportional pump’s high pressure valve are made of ground special leakage-free alloy.
5. The special and convenient mix device can ensure the high precise mixture performance.
6. The internationally prevailing stationary reciprocating mixer is used in the machine, with the specially designed needle valve, the mixture result is excellent. The special material with elasticity is used to make the dispensing nozzle, the production of insulating glass is more convenient, simple and elegant.
7. The operation of the imported dispensing gun with a reliable sealing.
8. The machine can be used to spread two-component Polysulphide glue or silicone glue. 
Main technical parameter: 

Mix ratio

Overall dimensions

Max. amount of extruded glue


Pump A platen diameter

55 gallon(200L) φ565mm

Pump B platen diameter

5 gallon (20L) φ285mm

Max. air consumption

0.8 CBM/min

Max. extruding pressure


Air supply


Overall dimensions

1100 x 950 x 2500mm

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