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  • Product name: WL-CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Line
  • Product model: WL-CNC
  • Product Numbers: a001
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CNC-3826Automatic Glass Cutting Line
This CNC glass cutting line is composed of automatic glass loading machine, CNC glass cutting machine and glass breaking table. Main feature:

Automatic Glass Loading Machine
1. Controlled by PLC, imported from Japan.
2. Equip Germany vacuum system
3. Move with Linear Guide.
4. Work automatically with hydraulic system, easy to operate the machine by computer.
5. The machine can know the position of the glass sheet automatically, and transfer the sheet to the cutting position by the roller.

CNC Glass Cutting Machine
1. Imported servo motor, CNC controller, rack and rail, advanced control interface make the machine easy to handle and features high cutting precision.
2. Double mechanical movement bridge system, automatically driving by motor.
3.High quality bearing and rail are more reliable and endurable.
4. Air float cutting table make it easy loading and unloading glass sheet.
5. Buyer's special specifications are available.
6. Glass breaking machine and Glass loading machine are optional.

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