Xiaotun Industrial Area
Huaiyin District, Jinan

  • Product name: FZT03 Glass Tilting and Breaking Table
  • Product model:
  • Product Numbers: a0001
  • Views : 108

Main Technique Parameter:

1. Adopts the air-cushion type work table. It has pneumatic and hydraulic tilting function for unloading glass. The air-cushion makes it easily to move glass on the table.

2. The table has overturn function, so it can tilt glass from vertical to horizontal, can it controlled by foot switch, very simple and convenient to operate.

3. There are bars to guarantee the glass do not fall down and break.

4. The good carpet coated on the table, so it can not scratch the surface of glass.

5. The size is changeable according to customers’ request.

Main Features:

Power supply 380V,50 Hz, 3 phase (depends on customer’s requirements)
Input power 1.5 Kw
Air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Process glass size 2000*3500 mm
Total weight 600Kg

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