Xiaotun Industrial Area
Huaiyin District, Jinan



★International Trade Personnel
1. Junior college degree or above, CET-4 or above
2. Be familiar with international trade, understand foreign trade flow and network promotion, high foreign language level and strong negotiation and communication ability
2. More than two years’ experience in related works (minor languages included)


★Regional Sales Manager
1. Junior college degree or above, majored in marketing and mechatronics
2. Strong ability in dealing with public relations, strong communication ability, market expansion ability and negotiation ability
3. Working experience in sale required and adapted to long-term business trip


★After-sales Service Personnel
1. Graduated from professional technical colleges
2. Understand mechatronics and be familiar with CNC programming
3. People with experience in related works preferred, adapted to long-term business trip, strong sense of responsibility, good at communication and coordination


★Electrical Engineer
1. Graduated from electromechanical and electrical related collages, be familiar with PLC, touch screen, electrical wiring and the design of electric control cabinet
2. Be familiar with the use method of office software and painting software, and industrial automatic control system, capable of independent programming and circuit designing
3. More than two years’ working experience, adapted to business trip


★Assembly Worker
1. Graduated from technical secondary school or technical school, understand mechanical assembly drawing, capable of using assembly tools
2. Capable of assembling and debugging according to drawing
3. More than one year’s experience in the machinery industry and people with good benchwork base preferred


★Electric Welder and Metaler
1. Technical secondary school degree or technical school degree or above
2. Understand drawing and optimization blanking
3. More than two years’ working experience, people with rich experience preferred


1、The employer must take along the original ID card, one-inch photo and related diploma!
2、Once being officially hired, the employee can be provided with accident insurance, social insurance and free lunch, and excellent staff can be providing with free food and recommendation.
3、Add.: No.8, North Zone, Xiaotun Industrial Park, Huaiyin District, Jinan City (take No.77 bus or No.22 bus, get off in Wujiapu Town, and worth 1,000 meters north)