Xiaotun Industrial Area
Huaiyin District, Jinan

Talent Concept

Altitude determines everything and challenge big salary by ability
Talent is the capital of the company and the most precious wealth. Weili opens its door to all people interested in the glass machinery career.
Weili adopts the employment standard: have innovative awareness and the spirit of constant progress.
Weili adopts the competition mechanism: use the capable, replace the mediocre, and reject the incapable.
Weili tries its best to: fit each person to his post.
Weili not only keeps people by treatment, but is more willing to keep people by career and by affection.
Weili has set up a set of application system for introducing and cultivating talent, displaying the value of talent, developing staff innovation, encouraging the principle of more pay for more work, and realizing the principle of the survival of the fittest, and has formed the working situation featured by centralized functions, independent posts, smooth work connection, positive dedication and taking on heavy responsibilities bravely.
Through scientific and standard post design, the company allows staff to grow on posts, develops the potential value of individuals and creates the value of posts. It evaluates talent mainly according to the post value one creates and avoids one-sided talent evaluation independent of the posts. The company strengthens the requirement on the mastery of necessary skills for posts, deepens technical evaluation and kicks out mediocre, lazy or unoccupied people.
The company strengthens the construction of staff plasticity, and encourages staff to use hands and brain diligently. Doing something wrong is not terrible, however, the key is to learn lesson from experience, be enterprising and pioneering, challenge oneself bravely and become a contributive person.    
The company fosters loose and comfortable working atmosphere so that staff can know himself, see clearly the goal, cognize the work, work with positive and healthy attitude, develop work in open environment and struggle during exploitation.